The Female Proposal

Mar 8, 2016

Thinking about proposing to him? You know what the best part is? There is no waiting around! You are in charge and you can take your relationship into the next stage. What else you say? Well, you can write the rules, as this is a fairly new phenomenon you do not need to follow protocols or stand on ceremony. You are the boss!

Biting the bullet and following through with your feelings is a daunting prospect so we have laid down some trusty advice for all of you girls thinking of popping the question


Be ready, be really ready

Have a good hard think about it. Marriage is a big step and you must make sure that it is time to truly make it official. The fact that you are thinking about it probably means it is right, if you believe you two are the model of a marriage ready couple go ahead!

Know your partner

Remember this is not your dream proposal, it’s his. So to plan a successful wedding proposal consider what he would really appreciate, especially as female proposals are so unusual he will already be caught off guard! For example if he’s an old-fashioned kinda guy who doesn’t like surprises maybe a broadcasting your love across the sky on air balloons is not the best idea!

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Be a sensitive, massage his ego

Kudos to you for being the first one to pledge yourself to your partner but keep in mind that he may be a little disappointed that you stole his thunder, whether he was planning it or not! We would just say make sure he knows that he can still ask you back when he’s ready.

Get a gift for the both of you

An engagement ring is tradition, but you are not following tradition so don’t feel like you need to get one! A piece of promise jewellery would work perfectly, like a matching necklace pendants, ID bracelets or simple gold bands – no need for it to cost the earth just make it meaningful.

Plan it like you’ve already won it!

Plan ahead and think about the logistics of planning his dream proposal. Make a contingency plan in case the weather is not on your side or a traffic jam wreaks havoc on your plan.

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All in all though, you can plan and consider all you like but the most important thing in all of this is the person you are proposing to. You know them best, and only you know how to tailor make this experience just for them. Trust yourself!

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