Sep 3, 2015

We believe in love.

We believe in nature, from petal pinks to the perfect ocean blue.

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1993

Kelsey 2016 PR - 2123

Kelsey 2016 PR - 2146

Designed and based in London, we have learnt to collect. We draw upon the endless inspiration of our city; the effortless girls, the new patterns and the colours that are constantly evolving. It is this freedom that ensures the design process, and consequently our dresses, continue to be inately feminine and on trend.

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1482

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1266

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1296

Tied together with meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, we promise to make sure each one is perfect.

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1636

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1877

At Kelsey Rose we create elegantly crafted designs to suit every taste and silhouette using a very modern colour palette, let us dress you for your favourite moments, from party to prom to wedding.

Kelsey 2016 PR - 732

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1000

We believe the right dress at the right moment, creates a memory to last a lifetime.

Kelsey 2016 PR - 153

Kelsey 2016 PR - 184

Kelsey 2016 PR - 1907

Kelsey 2016 PR - 2243

Kelsey 2016 PR - 2409

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