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Jul 12, 2018

Our Kelsey Rose brides know how difficult it is to distract people from the World Cup right now, but our Kelsey Rose stylists have come up with a genius solution; statement jewellery! Blind and dazzle your guests with some stunning styles and complement them with the perfect Kelsey Rose bridesmaids dresses.  Your Kelsey Rose bridesmaids dresses will be the talk of the century if you follow our easy steps to the perfect wedding:

Statement Necklaces:

Whether you opt for sparkling jewels or bold, geometric designs, choosing a statement necklace to coordinate with your bridesmaids dresses is a great choice. Kelsey Rose believes this flattering silhouette with a frill halter neckline will perfectly frame a statement necklace. This Kelsey Rose dress has a soft floral metallic colour that lends itself to big gold jewellery and soft blue gems. Pair with a bejewelled statement necklace or an attention grabbing gold geometric design, and a soft up-do with a light blush for an impactful effect.

Accessorues 1

Kelsey Rose Lace Love | Style 12585

Eye-Catching Earrings:

Earrings are a lovely way to put the icing on the cake of your bridesmaids aesthetic. Big dangling drop earrings would look charming with this universally flattering Kelsey Rose gown. The chic A-line Kelsey Rose dress draws the eyes up to the face and a dramatic up do with a sheen of metallic highlighter would make your earrings of choice unforgettable. Sparkle and shine with cute studs, hypnotize with bigger earrings, or even try out a bold ear cuff – either way it’s a winner!

Accessorues 2

Kelsey Rose Ruffled Dress | Style 18645

Stackable Bracelets

Stackable bracelets have something of a hint of mythical beauty about them; they create the illusion of Cleopatra or an ancient Greek Muse. Timelessly beautiful. Make a feature of your stackable bracelets on your bridesmaids with this dramatic and grown up Kelsey Rose dress. The bare arms of this Kelsey Rose bridesmaids dress are made to accentuate stunning stackable bracelets. Use many smaller bracelets for a delicate look, or try chunky bracelets on one arm and an armlet higher up on the other with your hair down for an immediately iconic look. A stunning look for all occasions – not just a wedding!

Accessorues 3

Kelsey Rose High Lace | Style 12581

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