Can Mum be a Bridesmaid?

Mar 3, 2016

When you think about it – she’ll be by your side planning,  sending you dresses you just have to see and have a seat of importance at your wedding. So far, so bridesmaid. Conventions have relaxed, and if it appeals to you and her, there really is no reason your Mum can’t be a part of your bridesmaid party. If you consider your Mum a true friend and don’t think twice about calling her with your OMG news the second after you’ve informed the group chat of course, this could be a route for you.

Think about how you’d like her to be involved. Play to her strengths – chances are she’ll have a little more experience than the rest of your bridesmaids – and her interests, which will make sure she has fun with her duties. She might be the perfect co-ordinator for the florist and the catering, but maybe you only want your girlfriends honest opinion on the dress. You will know what’s best for you and your mum, and can create the perfect role for her. One thing we love about this idea is that she will always have company as part of your bridal party, while Mother of the Bride duties are traditionally more formal. The role of bridesmaid will likely appeal to the Mum who simply wouldn’t be comfortable in the traditional three piece Mother of the Bride outfit.

It’s really your day, your way and Mum will appreciate being involved whatever the role. Make her Mother’s Day with a bridesmaid proposal!

We’ve picked a perfect selection of dresses for the truly modern bridesmaid mum!

KelseyRose Wedding guest or bridesmaid dress

This elegant gown 50186 is a flattering choice. It features a soft plunge neckline enhanced with wide pleated straps, while being cinched at the waist with a skirt that falls to the floor in flowing double chiffon.

KelseyRose wedding outfit bridesmaid dress 50164

This sweeping tulle design 50164 features a clean waist defined by a delicate lace neckline and sheer open back. This beautiful bridesmaid dress shines with a striking sheer neckline.

KR wedding guest bridesmaid top - 50190SH

A sequin cover up is perfect, both to make your Mum stand out of the bridal party group and as an easy day-to-night transitional piece

Kelsey Rose 50162 wedding guest bridesmaid dress

This romantic dress 50162 is a perfect choice, from the sweeping neckline to the carefully layered lace.

Make your Mothers Day 2016 and give her pride of place at your wedding

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