Wedding Skin


How to prep your skin for the big day

When preparing for your wedding, your focus might solely be on your Kelsey Rose wedding dress, however your skin is an equally important factor which shouldn’t be left until the last minute. Taking time to prepare your skin from six months before will help you look your best on the big day.

Six months before the wedding
If you have any major skin concerns such as pigmentation or acne, you should book an appointment with your dermatologist to ensure these issues can be addressed and treated within plenty of time. The wedding planning process is likely to be stressful so it’s best to get this cleared up as soon as possible.

Three months before the wedding
Let’s talk about brows. If you aren’t happy with yours and want them fuller and thicker, you need time for these to grow. Thicker shaped brows are arguably the most flattering style and provide a youthful effect, however even if you just need to re-think the shape or tint, allow time for this.

Two months before the wedding
If you’re choosing to use a fake tan for your wedding day, experiment two months before to find the right shade and product for you. This will also help you and your family/friends to get used to seeing you with a darker complexion.

One month before the wedding
Take care of your skin! This should be standard, but if you aren’t so good with looking after your skin, you should put in the effort in the month leading up to the wedding. This involves cleansing, gently exfoliating and moisturising to ensure your skin looks clear and glowing.

Some of our favourites are:

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser
Pixi Glow Tonic
Essentialle Elasticity Boost Face Oil
PRAI Platinum Firm & Lift Intensive Serum