Memories that last a lifetime; personalized Bridesmaids accessories


Accessories are a must have to compliment your Kelsey Rose Bridesmaids dresses, everyone knows that. But what if you chose to personalize them so that your bridesmaids have a memento of how much you love them? Of course you love the Groom, but spread the love to your Bridesmaids too! Personalized bridesmaids accessories are a great way to thank people for being a part of your special day.

A subtle way to incorporate them into your bridesmaid’s outfits is to inscribe a bracelet, or a necklace. But you could also hand-detail their corsages with a heart-felt inscription. The choices are endless to commemorate such a special day for you and your closest girl-friends!

personalized gifts

Here at Kelsey Rose we think the best way to do it would be to go that one step further and personalize their bridesmaids dresses! Choose a gown to fit your bridesmaids’ specific shapes and sizes so that each looks stunning in a flattering gown. By keeping the same colour but using different styles each bridesmaid will feel unique and valued. Kelsey Rose have a wide variety of Bridesmaids dresses that complement each other, and we’ve picked out a few that would work perfectly together.

matching bridesmaids

Kelsey Rose Lace Flute | Style 1254F

Kelsey Rose Lace Skater | Style 12547

Kelsey Rose Fitted Lace | Style 12546

These dresses are available in a range of stunning colours to match your wedding colours.

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