Hoop Bouquets for Winter Weddings


The new take on floral arrangements

Forget flower crowns; hoop bouquets are the new floral trend for weddings in 2018. An alternative to a traditional arrangement, hoop bouquets are perfect for adding a unique element to your wedding day florals or bridesmaids, whilst remaining classic and beautiful. So, what is a hoop bouquet? Exactly what it says on the tin! A hoop bouquet is a wooden or metal wreath, entwined with flowers. You could even add foliage or ribbon; cascading, trailing… the possibilities are endless for weddings! Ideal for if your big day is in the winter, poinsettia and red berries create a festive wreath-like bouquet. You could even reuse it for Christmas and hang on your front door for a unique take on festive decorations.

Hoop Bouquet Blog Imagery

Hoop bouquets also work well with Grecian-themed weddings and bridesmaid dresses, including Kelsey Rose 18647Kelsey Rose 18664Kelsey Rose 18623Kelsey Rose 18607 and Kelsey Rose 14884.

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