We Are Kelsey Rose

We create for your moments. We design for the occasions you look forward to with butterflies and look back at with a smile. We believe the right dress, at the right moment, creates a memory to last a lifetime.

Designed and based in London, we have learnt to collect. We draw upon the ever-changing pace of the city; the effortless girls, the new patterns and the colours that make it so vibrant. We have learnt to listen, learnt to be inspired. It is this freedom and curiosity that keeps the design process and consequently our dresses so innately feminine and refreshingly modern. Tied together with meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, we promise to make sure each one is perfect. Attainably priced and beautifully crafted, every dress in the collection is made with love, creating each distinctly Kelsey Rose detail from our London studio.

We are available in over 250 specialist boutiques internationally. With elegantly crafted designs to suit every taste and silhouette and over 50 shades in our colour palette, let us dress you for your favourite moments, from party to prom to wedding.

Our Collection

Kelsey Rose 2018 is a celebration of the spirit of youth. We see each dress as a character, defined by both it’s unique design and individual detailing: a playful testament to youthful individuality and confidence. This collection truly is a personification of lightness and joy.

The collection’s modern romantic feel is explored in cascades of lighter then air ruffles, across both floor-sweeping skirts and subtly adorning chiffon sleeves. Designed by our expert team in London, we draw on both the ever-changing transience of the city and our decades of experience to create modern designs to stand the test of time. Each detail from our carefully considered fabrics and refreshing colour palette is meticulously curated, ensuring long term wearability.

We believe in letting your individuality to shine and in making your memories special with your dress. Drawing on our reputation for versatility, we offer three different lengths for our dresses so you can truly personalise your look. We create for your moments.We believe in letting your individuality to shine and in making your memories special with your dress.

We are proud to introduce an exclusive floral print to the 2018 collection, adding a gentle romance to our selection of fine chiffons. This season also sees the introduction of sophisticated crepe and sensational metallic lace. Perfect for prom, wedding and beyond.